CANEW 2022, “Celebrating 25 Years” is now scheduled for September 25 to 30, 2022  in Victoria, BC.

About CAEA

CAEA, the Canadian airports electrical association, is a non-profit federal association established to host and facilitate the Canadian Airports National Electrical Workshop (CANEW) each year. Our goal is to maintain and promote airport electrical safety and training thus ensuring the safety of workers, facilities, and the public at airports in Canada.

Our Objectives

To encourage professional growth of individual members through an education program.

To establish …

Our Mission

To evaluate and explore new technologies and to improve service levels through the exchange of ideas and experiences.

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CANEW 2022

Registrations are now being accepted for CANEW 2022 in Victoria, BC

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CANEW is the only “training” workshop of its kind in North America that provides a format for the exchange of airport electrical knowledge, experience, and skills.

It provides technical presentations, discussions, and “Hands-on” training in airfield and building electrical safety, inspections, and maintenance to assist airports and their electrical staff.


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Victoria BC

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CANEW 2022, “Celebrating 25 Years” is now scheduled for September 25 to 30, 2022
in Victoria, BC

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