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CANEW 2020/2021 Cancelled (COVID)
CANEW 2019 Archives Quebec City, QC
CANEW 2018 Archives Lethbridge, AB
CANEW 2017 Archives Campbell River, BC
CANEW 2016 Archives Moncton, NB
CANEW 2015 Penticton, BC
CANEW 2014 Regina, SK
CANEW 2013 Campbell River, BC
CANEW 2012 St-John’s, NF
CANEW 2011 Montréal, QC
CANEW 2010 Victoria, BC
CANEW 2009 Winnipeg, MB
CANEW 2008 Toronto, ON
CANEW 2007 Calgary, AB
CANEW 2006 Ottawa, ON
CANEW 2005 Vancouver, BC
CANEW 2004 Québec, QC
Over 2004's events

Past events

CANEW 2003 Halifax, NS
CANEW 2002 Victoria, BC
CANEW 2001 Winnipeg, MB
CANEW 2000 Montréal, QC
CANEW 99 Edmonton, AB
CANEW 98 Toronto, ON
CANEW 97 Calgary, AB
CANEW 96 Vancouver, BC
CANEW 95 Edmonton, AB
CANEW 94 Montréal, QC
CANEW 93 Winnipeg, MB
CANEW 92 Hull, QC
CANEW 90 Toronto, ON
CANEW 89 Edmonton, AB
CANEW 88 Vancouver, BC
CANEW 87 Winnipeg, MB
CANEW 86 Halifax, NS
CANEW 85 Québec, QC
CANEW 84 Calgary, AB
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CANEW stands to evaluate and explore new technologies and in order to improve service levels through the exchange of ideas and experiences.

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